Jacob Read loved everything about his name.

Well, almost everything. He didn’t like it when people called him Jacob Red, like the color.

Or assumed he actually liked to read. Jacob didn’t like to read.

At all. Not a word, not a phrase, not a sentence, not a paragraph, and definitely not an entire book.


  • Early Reader Chapter Book
  • Beautiful Illustrations throughout the book
  • The book details the journey of a 2nd-grade student completing a research assignment and presentation.
  • Best practices in research are set forth.
  • 24 short presentations on various subjects are presented.
  • Includes a "What do you remember section."
  • AR Test Questions / Google Quiz Form
  • Discounts for Classroom Sets - Email: kelleymlikes@live.com


Book 2: Portal of Knowledge

Book 3: The Copy Cat

Book 4: A Week in the Life of Jacob Read