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Question 1 of 10:

1. Burrow means to

a. take something to use.

b. create a hole in the ground.

c. wrap something tightly in cloth.

d. to bury something in the ground.

Question 2 of 10:

2. The average aardvark tongue is

a. 12 inches long.

b. 12 yards long.

c. 12 feet long.

d. 12 centimeters long.

Question 3 of 10:

3. Which ending for a website is for an organization?

a. .com

b. .edu

c. .us

d. .org

Question 4 of 10:

4. Nocturnal means

a. to sleep during the night.

b. to sleep during the day.

c. to nap throughout the day.

d. to be unable to sleep.

Question 5 of 10:

5. Manatees are endangered, which means

a. they live in water.

b. they only eat plants.

c. there will not be any more of them alive soon.

d. they breathe air.

Question 6 of 10:

6. Garrett did his report on

a. racecars.

b. aardvarks.

c. cookies.

d. baseball.

Question 7 of 10:

7. Daxton ate this for lunch.

a. Cookies

b. Peanut butter sandwich

c. An apple

d. A napkin

Question 8 of 10:

8. A Micropachycephalosaurus is

a. a plant.

b. a dinosuar.

c. a singer.

d. an astroid.

Question 9 of 10:

9. Dolphins communicate under water using

a. telephones.

b. echolocation.

c. vibrations.

d. flapping their fins.

Question 10 of 10:

10. Factual reseach should be based on

a. videos.

b. opinions.

c. facts.

d. words.