PROOF It's Real

The proof for Jacob Doesn't Read, Book 1 The Flying Aardvark has been shipped!! So very excited!!!

New Book Ideas

How about a Jacob Doesn't Read in which Mr. Collier from the library, who is tired of the kids thinking he can travel through portals, setting up mirrors and having big kids dress like him?????

Or a trip to the zoo.

Or Mrs. Sharp is out sick and the sub has no idea what to do? Maybe even Jason Mason as the sub???

Book 2 Title...

Book 2: Portal of Knowledge

Thanks Brian Collier for the great idea!!

Book 2: Started...don't know what to call it yet...

Jacob loved Mondays. They were the best days ever. Right up there with Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Everyday was an awesome day. It had been a couple of weeks since Jacob’s Aardvark presentation. Mrs. Sharp hadn’t assigned any more reading projects. Jacob was positive the days of reading were over. He was busily coloring a picture of apple trees, when the classroom door opened. He was surprised to see three big kids in costumes walk in.

First Review

The kids really enjoyed the book. We had some extra time, so we finished it today. You got a round of applause at the end. I will send it home with Daxton.

They laughed and laughed at the presentation on Mrs. Sharp. I'm a bit nervous that the students' parents are going to try and friend me on Facebook now. Also another big favorite was Daxton eating napkins. Some of them may have even asked your son if he eats napkins.

Ms. Mistretta

2nd Grade Teacher

Gifted Certified

Technology Committee Chair


Test Pilots

AHHHH!!!! I just heard the Ms. Mistretta's class LOVES the book! Thank you so much for being a tester for the book!!