Meet Mrs. Sharp's

2nd Grade Class

Jacob Read

Interests: Aardvarks, His Grandfather & Tigers

Stone B.

Interests: Dinosaurs, Elvis & Miniature Black Labs

Jack G.

Interests: Sharks and Killer Whales, Joseph & Harbor Seals

Gabby R.

Interests: Mermaids, Beatles & Horses

Blakely D.

Interests: Manatees, Grandma & Alligators

Zack P.

Interests: Candy, Marin & Penguin

Leif A.

Interests: Fireworks and Race Cars, His Grandpa & Dragons

Marissa G.

Interests: Hannah Montana, Her Sister & Cats

Garrett M.

Interests: Aardvarks, Jacob's Grandpa & Eagles

Marin S.

Interests: Cookies, Garrett & Unicorns

Gus E.

Interests: Airplanes, Aaron Rogers & Cats

Lauren S.

Interests: Puppies, Her Mom & Golden Retrievers

Molly M.

Interests: Waffles, Zac Efron & Hedgehogs

Anna E.

Interests: Dolphins, Her Grandpa & Monkeys

Ben K.

Interests: Mrs. Sharp, Lance Armstrong & Wallaroo

Bismark VK.

Interests: Gummy Bears, Best Friend from Germany & Mountain Bear

Marco A.

Interests: Hot Wheels, Tigger & Mongoose

Bridget P.

Interests: Koalas, Simone Biles & Kangaroo

Thomas A.

Interests: Cars, Jacob Read & Canadian Crocodiles

Tommy C.

Interests: Music, Stonewall Jackson & Axolotl

Daxton L.

Interests: Lunch Boxes, Captain America & Foxes

Marina M.

Interests Mummies, Amelia Earhart & Panda Bears

Kathryn H.

Interests: Spies, Princess Diana & Wolf Dogs

Seb T.

Interests: Chipper Jones, His Grandfather & Black Labs